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I encourage those visiting historic #Charleston to consider joining one of my walking tours. My tour is rated number one in the city by Trip Advisor and has a 5-star rating on Google with far more excellent reviews than any other walking tour in Charleston. I am a 7th-generation native Charlestonian whose family has been in the city since the 18th century, and I grew up in the famous South of Broad area and have lived in Charleston all of my life. I work very hard to make my tour appealing to a broad spectrum of backgrounds and interests. I have written two books about Charleston and have extensive knowledge of the city’s architecture, history, plants and trees, ironwork, cultural background, legends, burial grounds, climate history and geography, coastal species and biology, and lots of great stories that most other guides do not know. For those who take my tour, and I can offer detailed explanations of historic building methods, materials and styles, whether its the function of a clay pantile roof, the symbolism of a Greek triglyph, or the intricate properties of wrought iron. I have a Master’s degree in History, and I can give documented accounts of such aspects as the slave badge and hiring system, the Nullification crisis, the private fire brigades, the significant women and men who shaped the city, and the methods and armaments of the Revolution and Civil War. I know the intricacies of applying historic stucco, weaving of sweetgrass baskets, forging iron, pressing brick, turning wood, carving stone and blowing glass. I include the very human nature of the city with details on harvesting fish and food, regional linguistics, ordeals of the enslaved, societal traditions, historic garments, food and drink, and a wealth of local legends. My tour is a two-hour walk through the most scenic and historic parts of the old city, at a pace that is comfortable for all ages. I mix facts with fun along the way, and offer a variety of colorful tales and reminiscences that give the tour a character unlike any other. Please come and join me. <img.src=”Charleston Walking Tour” alt=”Charleston Footprints Walking Tours”

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