I just wanted to thank you again for the tour last week. I actually wish it had been 3 hours long because I felt there was still so much to learn! My group enjoyed all your stories and anecdotes, and my daughter recounted some of them at dinner that night. (We quizzed the kids a bit to see if they remembered anything you said!)

On the flights back home to California (the CHS to ATL leg of the trip), my mom sat next to a nice woman from Charleston who asked about what my mom did during her stay. My mom mentioned how much she had liked the walking tour, and she ended up giving out your name and phone number because the woman said her friends in Atlanta would enjoy the tour.

Thanks for introducing us to Charleston's charm!

- Sara | California

Though a born and bred Charlestonian, I decided recently that my wife and I would "play the tourist" in downtown Charleston. When considering a guided tour, because of his reputation, Michael Trouche's name was right at the top. No doubt about it, we made the right decision. With Michael, you get someone who is extremely well informed about Charleston's past and present. His knowledge spans history, architecture, religion, culture and even plants. As a teacher myself, presentation is important and with Michael you not only get the facts, but you get a gifted and humorous orator as well. This Charlestonian learned much on Michael's tour and highly recommends him to those who want to have the Charleston experience.

- William and Mary Durst | Charleston, SC

We have taken several walking tours of Charleston over the years and Charleston Footprints is by FAR the best! We were so impressed with the caliber of Micheal's tour that we even offered to place his brochures in our resort rental properties on the Isle of Palms. Since our guests are often visiting the area for the first time, we wanted to be sure they would connect with the best tour guide in town!

- Karla & Curtis Kay | Kay Vacation Rentals | Isle of Palms, SC

I took an absolutely delightful and incredibly worth while walking tour with Michael Trouche of Charleston Footprints. He was extremely knowledgeable and charming, and I could not recommend him more highly. He offered what felt like a very privileged insiders perspective that was as personal as it was authoritative, professional, and rich in history. It made for the sort of experience one so rarely has in a tourist destination.

- Georgette Farkas

Your tour was the highlight of our trip to Charleston! It was exactly what we were looking for in respect to our love of history, culture, and plants! We truly feel that no one else could have given us the in-depth experience that you did and it was wonderful to see the home where you grew up.

- Carolyn Peltier

"Shh, If you just listen to Michael as we walked through the narrow streets and alleys, you could almost hear the people talking back hundreds of years ago. The stories and tales of history were brought to life with his knowledge and insight of where it happened and when. He is the only way to see Charleston and understand the region and architecture. Well worth the 2 hours.

- Kathy Coffey and Bernie Flynn

"Your Web site is tour even better. It was a highlight of our visit there. Thanks so very much for making it special"..

- Lynn Grisard Fullman

Great tour, you made the trip to Charleston a highlight

- The Stoboughs and The Grays

Caroline and I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time we had this morning. Your knowledge and ability to share this wonderful city was exactly what we were looking for.

- Larry and Caroline

I want to thank you on behalf of our group (10 women) for the wonderful walking tour that you gave us. This was definitely a highlight of our visit to your beautiful city. It was most educational and all the fascinating gardens and buildings were extraordinary.

- Cindy Myatt

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