Picturesque Protection

With the coming of the Fall season in coastal #South Carolina, we see the city of Charleston come alive with fluttering wings. Butterflies of various species abound this time of year – Fritillaries, Sulphurs, Swallowtails and Monarchs – showing off their truly amazing colors that serve a special purpose that is nature’s way of perpetuating the species. Not only do the bright colors attract male and female butterflies to join bodies in mating, the patterns on the scaly wings warn off potential predators. Features on the wings that look much like eyes or claws send a signal to birds and other predators that the fluttering wings are a potential danger, and amazingly, these delicate creatures are mostly left alone to probe flowers for nectar and offer us a dazzling Autumn show. <img.src=”Charleston Gardens” alt=”Butterfly wing patterns”

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