Gargantuan Gateway

The towering outline of the Arthur Ravenel Bridge enthralls those who enter the city of #Charleston on this route across the Cooper River. Completed in 2005 five, the 3-mile long cable-stay bridge stands as a remarkable achievement in engineering efficiency and aesthetic appeal. The huge twin tower stand 575 feet high, with a road span over the main harbor channel extending more than 1500 feet. Beneath the bridge, ships also enter the port city, including giant container vessels more than 1200 feet long. The panoramic view from the walking and biking lanes high over fabled Charleston Harbor is one of the most impressive in a city know for its scenic charm, and I recommend that anyone who visits Charleston should take a few hours to walk the bridge. The easiest way is to drive or take the water taxi to Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant, and walk the highest portion of the bridge over the Cooper, then return without crossing all the way to the Charleston peninsula. It’s a very rewarding walk that will generate some aerobic exercise as well. <img.src=”Charleston Landmarks” alt=”The Arthur Ravenel Bridge”

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