Angelic Adornment

One of the most interesting interiors in historic #Charleston is that of St. Mary of the Annunciation Church on Hasell Street. Although the church is named after the Biblical story of the angel Gabriel visiting Mary to announce that she would mother the Messiah, it’s most noticeable painted image is that of another biblical concept of the Assumption – when at Mary’s death, angels took her body to heaven. The scene of the Assumption was painted on the church ceiling after the building was completed in 1839, and according to church records was rendered by Italian artist Caesare Porte. The church is filled with remarkable painted images and has been my family’s church since it was completed. I spent many a Sunday morning in our family pew as a child, looking up at Mary surrounded by the angels’ faces, and in my youth always wondered if she were up there looking down at me, and whether she approved of my behavior <img.src=”Charleston Architecture” alt=”St. Mary’s Church”