*"Charleston is best explored on foot..Michael Trouche is a 7th-generation native whose tours bring the city`s history to life"* - Conde-Nast Traveller

My booking procedure has changed with the Covid-19 situation. I will be offering 2-hour morning tours at 10 or 10:30am limited to 10 people. All reservations must be made by contacting me and my confirmation in return, either by text 843-478-4718 or by e-mail: I will offer a Friends & Family tour for any of those who feel safer with their own group, at $200 for up to six and $30 for each additional person. I will also take mixed groups for those willing to tour with others that will be priced based on how many take the tour, with higher rates for fewer people. Please note that all internet reservations must be confirmed by e-mail to be valid.

December 2020 Group Walking Tours

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Charleston ordinances restrict walking tour groups to 20 people, so certain tour times can be sold out. Please note that internet reservations must be confirmed by e-mail. Guests are welcome to call me at 843-478-4718 to check for availability or last-minute cancellations.

Because we may walk narrow areas with uneven cobblestones or steps without ramps, strollers and wheelchairs are not suited for this tour. Baby pouches and slings are a suitable option.

Please, no pets permitted on the tour. For service dogs, please provide identification card from the U.S. Service Dog Registry.

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