Those who visit scenic Charleston and enjoy activities such as my Charleston Footprints Walking Tour are typically taken by our pronunciation of certain historic names. One such is a location we pass on the tour each day, Vanderhorst Row. The 1800 Federal style tenement is striking in itself, but most are more curious as to why we say “vandross” rather than making it 3 syllables. In fact, that is the true Dutch pronunciation of the name, and the person who had it built and for which is named played a major role in city and state history, so we want it to be correct. Arnoldus Vanderhorst was born near the city in 1748, and became a successful planter and politician, adding to the voices for liberty during the Revolution, and serving in the American forces. After the war, he dedicated himself to civic deeds, twice becoming city mayor as well as Governor of the state in 1794. He was essential in reforming the court systems, that were made into the districts we have today as well as emphasizing education, and it was during his tenure as mayor that the College of Charleston was chartered, and is the oldest municipal college in America today. <img.src=”Charleston Architecture” alt=”Vanderhorst Row”

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