Dune Driving

The warm ocean water along the coast near #Charleston has  lured swimmers for many generations, and the invention of the automobile and the first barrier island bridges in the early 1900’s made it fairly easy to drive to  the sea shore. There were no parking lots or public facilities for many years in places such as Folly Beach, pictured here, so folks would simply ride over dunes and down to the water line and jump in. Driving on the barrier islands was common as late as the 1950’s, and people also rode horses on the beaches for much of the 20th century. But by the 1960’s laws were passed prohibiting beach driving, and the only cars on local beaches today are police and rescue vehicles …or toys. It took some of the fun away, but certainly it’s easier on the mechanical parts not to be coated in salt and sand. Folly Beach is called  the “Edge of America”, no doubt what drivers thought back then. <img.src=”Charleston Beaches” alt=”Cars Early 1900’s”

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