Celebrated Ceramics

In the early colonial period here in #Charleston, fine earthenware and porcelain ceramics were largely imported from England, where skilled artisans had perfected the dazzling plates, bowls, cups and saucers that adorned the fine homes. But as Charleston grew and became a source of great wealth, it attracted artisans to immigrate and establish the Holy City as a home for such skills as well. The soil strata beneath our coastal city is abundant with clays of varying types which proved ideal for casting into decorative shapes. With the advent of slip-casting molds by the 19th century, as well as new techniques in coloring glazes with tin ash and other compounds, Charleston’s earthenware became highly sought after. Classic patterns included the very popular Chinoiserie motifs that are still eye-catching today, and one of the best selections can be found at the Shops of Historic Charleston Foundation at both the City Market and 108 Meeting Street, where I begin my walking tour. <img.src=”Charleston Furnishings” alt=”Elegant Earthenware”

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