Beckoning Bandstand

There are endless curiosities to be found wandering the streets of scenic, historic Charleston, such as the White Point Garden bandstand where bands have not played for decades. The attractive structure was built from money donated to the city by the Carrington family in the early 1900’s, when White Garden was a favorite spot for strolls, carriage rides, picnics, and even swimming from a long-gone Ashley River bath house. A common theme was some type of musical event on Sunday afternoons, usually featuring a local band. The tradition continued into the 1930’s and 40’s, but after World War II, there was much more mobility available to Charlestonians, and many people preferred a drive to nearby beaches on Sundays, and the bandstand fell into disuse. It was beautifully restored and offers a charming centerpiece to a delightful park, perhaps not so pleasing to the ears these days as to the eyes.

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