• Enjoy amusing stories such as Charleston�s version of "the running of the bulls" in historic streets
  • Find out why Price�s Alley was a priceless location for the city�s most innovative 19th century change
  • Hear how the peninsula was physically reshaped with the help of the palmetto tree, when the local skyline boasted windmills, and what plant was once outlawed in the downtown area
  • See incredible "soul effigies" and the city�s long history of spellbinding burial practices
  • Enjoy the story of Charleston�s famed "steeple men" and the curious invention that replaced them
  • Discover the meaning of "French leave" and why it became fashionable in several historic homes
  • Walk in the footsteps of the man whose life inspired the character of Rhett Butler in Gone With The Wind
  • Learn the unique nature of the sweetgrass basket and the origin of the unusual weaving tool called the "nail bone"
  • Smell the fragrance of Loquat, Pittosporum, Syringa and other exotic plant species that call Charleston home
  • Stand in timeless nooks and crannies while finding out the truth behind "Dueling Alley" and "The battle of Longitude Lane"

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