About Michael and his historic Charleston Tours

As a seventh-generation Charlestonian raised in the historic South of Broad district, I have a lifetime of first-hand knowledge about the people, places and events that have shaped the “Holy City”. As an award-winning local journalist and two-time author, I have also done exhaustive research on Charleston history, architecture, ironwork, cultural heritage, natural landscapes, graveyards, wars and natural disasters, and maritime legacy. I was host of the acclaimed CAROLINA CAMERA television series for two decades at the local CBS affiliate, winning more than forty awards for human-interest stories about the Charleston area. I have authored two books on Charleston that feature a wide variety of subjects and locations in the city - THE CHARM OF CHARLESTON and CHARLESTON YESTERDAY AND TODAY.

My tour offers an authentic and entertaining journey of discovery through the most scenic and historic areas of Charleston, with array of cobblestone streets and wrought iron gates, flourishing parks and gardens, exquisite colonial churches and taverns, harbor front vistas and quaint alleys, and the stunning beauty of classic mansions and public buildings. I explain thoroughly Charleston’s unique history and culture from its founding in 1670 to its realities today. The character of the tour is more conversational than a recital of facts, and I enjoy being good company as well as an excellent guide. I look forward to meeting people from all areas and backgrounds who take interest in the marvelous city I have always called home, and I promise to make it a fascinating and enjoyable experience.

   Michael Trouche

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